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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu.

After many years of living in the United Kingdom, I began visiting Sri Lanka regularly. Since 2008, I had been spending more time in Sri Lanka than in the United Kingdom. During my early sojourns in Sri Lanka, discussions with my friends, often centered on the rapid spread of the Thabliq Jamaath and Wahabi movements which in the opinion of the Sri Lankan traditional Islamic belief of Sunnath Jamaath were effecting family unity. Most young men who went to the middle east for employment or studies, returned with new ideaologies and parents seeking partners for marriage were in a dilemma. Sunnath Jamaa Ath was fast loosing its traditional, pivotal position in Sri Lankan Muslim Society and was finding difficulty in recovering to its former glory.

This made me wonder, why most of us kept talking about this without exploring avenues to overcome this situation. My experience in the United Kingdom as the President of several organisations gave me the courage to suggest to my friends that we invite a wider section of our community to meet with a view to finding ways and means of overcoming this situation and reviving the Sunnah as practised and taught by our Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihiwasallam.

I invited my friends for a meeting at my residence. At the same time, I also requested them, on my behalf to extend the invitation to their friends. I was joyed to see several leading members of the community including some Mowlavi's attending the meeting. It was a very encouraging meeting. Thereafter, we had several more meetings followed by our official inaugural meeting on the 13th of June 2010 at the Colombo Public Library Auditorium. This meeting was graced by His Holiness Afdelul Ulama Asheikh Dr Thaika Shuaib Alim BA PHD Jalali, Thangal Reffai Moulana and Khaleefathul Khulafa Abdul Hameed Bahaji.

The first Board Members, the Patron and the Vice Patrons were elected at this meeting concluding with Dua and Salawath.Alhamdulillah, we have made significant progress in our short existence of three years helping to rekindle the interest in Ahlissuna Wal Jamaa Athi which is seeing a new revival.

We had a very cautious beginning in our first year where we had only two main functions, the Iftar and the Moulid Un Nabi. Thereafter we have progressed year on year adding more and more events each year. To name a few, these include, The Hiflul Quran Classes, English Language classes, English and Tamil Lectures, Lectures on Islam conducted by overseas scholars, followed by Q & A sessions and Da'wa excursions.

We are now looking at working on a wider sphere expanding our outlook, whilst continuing our current activities. We appeal to all you wonderful supporters and donors to kindly continue to contribute genorously so that we can serve the cause of Ithihaad Ahlissunathi Wal Jamaa Athi and Islam better.

Thanking You,
Was Salaam,

Thalaath Ismail(President)

Patron :


Vice Patrons :

Mr. Elyas Kareem , Mr. Hussain Cassim , Mr. Hanif Yusoof , Mr. Macky Hashim , Mr. Naizer Cader , Mr. Faiz Alavi , Dr. Hosni Cader , Mr. Razik Zarook

President :

Mr. Thalaath Ismail

Vice Presidents :

Mr. Ruzly Hussain , Mr. Ziqufi Ismail

Secretary General :

Dr. Fahmy Ismail

Assistant Secretary :

Mr. Basheer Macan Markar

Treasurer :

Mr. Fadhil Jiffry

Assistant Treasurer :

Mr. Shazil Ismail

Board Members :

Mr. Nawaaf Mukthar , Mr. Malik Waffa , Mr. Samsudeen Cader , Mr. Nasheeth Mohamed , Mr. Zaeem Hameed , Mr. Ifthikar Aziz , Mr. Nisreen Magdon Ismail, Mr. A M M Farzan, Mr. Azizdeen Sheriff, Mr. Ismathulla Cader, Mr. Naqeeb Hussain, Mr. Muhiyadeen Sheriff, Mr. Hilmi Zainudeen.

Objects Of The Organisation

To foster greater understanding and to bring about unity and harmony among the Thareeqas.

To support Thareeqas in their efforts to encourage youth and their recruitment into Thareeqa activities.To promote religious knowledge specially pertaining to Sunnath Jamaath teachings and practices.

To support Mosques, Zavias and Thackckiyas to encourage participation of youth through provision of recreational facilities, internet/computer use, and reading rooms, gymnasium etc.

To support and assist both in kind and cash to Mosques, Zavias, Thakiyas, Madarasas and other Muslim religious places following the thareeqa's in the maintenance, upkeep and/or conducting religious program To Manage and/or Co-ordinate thareeqa activities funded by individuals &/or organizations which in the opinion of the Board of Management, will bring in unity, harmony, promote religious knowledge, and/or for the betterment and upliftment of thareeqa's.

Organize lectures either funded by the Association &/or jointly with other individuals or organizationsapproved by the Board of Management in raising the knowledge on Islam amongst the community.

Afford opportunity for members of all thareeqa's to meet each other at common places with a view to enhance unity and harmony amongst the members of the thareeqa's by organizingIfthar and other Programs

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