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In our inaugural year on a request made by the Trustees of the Jiffrya Thackiya, Dangedera, Galle we started the Hiflul Quran Madrasa. Later, the same year we supported the Qamariya Mqadrasa in Eravur. Today we are supporting nearly ten sunnath jamaath madrasas throughout the country, with a monthly donation to meet the cost of the salaries of the moulavi teachers. The institutes include,

› Jiffriya Arabic College, Dangedera, Galle
› Al Madrasathul Qamariya, Eravur
› An Nahjathul Islamiya Arabic College, Eravur
› Jaamia Manbaeel Hidhaya Arabic College, Kalmunai
› MinnathulFassiya Arabic College, Matara
› Furqaniya Madrasa, Uluvitike, Galle
› Ar-rahmaniya Jumma masjid Madrasa, Hambantota
› AzZaviyathul Fassiyathush Shazuliya, Matara
› Islamic Youth Front, Weligama.


Senior moulavis brought tour notice the increasing trend of moulavis passing out, being lured into different ways, away from sunnath jamaath. They requested our support to arrest this trend. After many discussions, a program to conduct educational seminars in various parts of the country was proposed.The seminars will be conducted by academically qualified, learned ulemas and the subjects would be confined to the concepts of sunnath jamaath. The first seminar was held in Galle with nearly 140 participants from 14 Arabic Colleges in the Southern Province. The second seminar was held at Hotel Malapura in Peradeniya with over 70 students from 5 Arabic Colleges. The third Seminar was held at Hotel Chathuna in Batticaloa for madrasas/Arabic Colleges in the Eastern Province. Over 100 students from 9 colleges participated.

In addition to above a seminar was held for medical students of the Rajarata University at the CTC Reception Hall in Anuradhapura. 55 medical students and others from the community participated. These seminars have been well received and appreciated. There is an increasing demand and request made to conduct similar programs in Kattankudy, Jaffna and in Colombo. However, due to lack of financial support we are unable to implement same. We look forward to your support to move forward.


We continue to conduct regular lectures in English which are well attended (including ladies). The recent speakers had been – Life time Achievement Award Winner Latheef Farook, Al Haj As Seyed Alavi Moulana Mursi, Hafiz Ehsan Iqbal Qadiri, Mufthi Musthafa Raza Qadiri. Among the earlier speakers were His Holiness As Seyed Afeefudeen Al Jailani Al Baghdadi, His Holiness Al Haj As Sheikh Nasir Thakia Suaib Alim and Sheikh Imamudeen Abu Hijeh


These programs are conducted especially for the ladies and the young members of the community in Weligama and Galle. In addition we also support the conducting of a jumma bayaan in Sinhala/English at the Galle Fort Jumma Mosque.


In an effort to teach English to prospective Moulavis (to help in their future endeavors and for delivery of bayaans in English) spoken English classes are being conducted at the following Arabic Colleges,
› Al Jamiyathul Ghowzia, Dehiwela
› Academy of Islamic Higher Studies, Beruwela
› Ajward Al Fassy Arabic College (Ummu zavaya), Colombo
One batch of students from Al Jamiyathul Ghowzia have completed their course and one student delivered a bayaan in English at our Meelad Day celebrations.


Thafseer, thajweed and aqida classes in English for ladies are conducted at the Ladies Zaviya, Kotelawala Avenue, Bambalapitiya. Classes are conducted weekly by alima Fayaza Al Habshi Moulavi.


Da'awa activities were initiated in 2011 with a 26 member delegation visiting the Eastern Province. Eminent Ulemas accompanied us on our visits to Kattankudy, Aryampathy, Eravur, Oddamavaddy, Vallaichenai, Batticaloa and Polonnaruwa. This visit motivated the people in these areas (who were badly affected by a 30-year ethnic conflict) and sunnath jamaath activities were reactivated with enthusiasm.

Thereafter we visited the Southern Province covering Hambantota, Bolana, Nalagama, Dickwella, Weligama, Matara and Galle. Here too, we were well received and created a positive impact in the areas visited. In April 2015 we visited the Central Province and covered the areas of Batupitiya, Gelioya and Gampola. The community expressed their deep appreciation. In 2016 we visited the Eastern Province again and delivered bayaans, conducted zikhr and mowlood at Eravur, Kattankudy and Aryampathy.


Contributions received for Zakath are distributed to the very needy through our membership. Only those eligible for zakath are given and every effort is made in the process to help them earn a living. Recipients have been from various parts of the country – Eravur, Kattankudy, Galle, Colombo, Beruwela.


The Association organizes an Ifthar every year inviting the membership and our donors. A bayaan is also delivered. We also supported some ifthar programs in the Eastern Province and these programs are being continued with their own funds.


Prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) birthday is celebrated every year with the recital of mowlood, bayaan followed by dinner. A large and representative gathering grace the occasion. We have also been supporting Meelad celebrations in the Eastern Province, courtesy of Br. Hanif Yusuf. This was initiated as this was not practiced in the East due to the 30-year long ethnic conflict. We revived these activities and thankfully it is being continued to date.


We make every effort to support very needy Muslims in distress and mosques/zaviyas. For this purpose we do not use our own funds but obtain same from well wishers and donors. Among the activities carried out are,
› Providing safe drinking water to the needy by constructing dug wells and providing pipe-borne water connections. This is a need especially in the Eastern Province.
› Providing toilets
› A donation of Rs. 50,000.00 received was given for the construction of the Kadawatte Jumma Mosque
› Rs. 50,000.00 was also donated to the Qamariya Mosque and Madrasa for the construction of a mimbar.

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